The Challenge:
To design a short-run poster for the Belleville Theatre Guild to announce their new subscription season. Two different styes were submitted for approval. The client chose the more onservative one with the sketch of the playhouse.
Photograph of the girl (stock) colour corrected
and sized in Photoshop and used as background for the poster — she seems very inviting and theatrical. The sketch of the playhouse began as a low resolution photograph (the only one they had), so was colour corrected and converted to a sketch in Photoshop.
The wave theme was created to add focus to the lower third of the poster, and create a sight line for the title text. It and the colour scheme is consistent with the flyer and web designs.
The colour of the text in the ‘girl’ poster was taken from her lip colour.
The logo was supplied.
Poster Layout for Belleville Theatre Guild